Kiss and Tell

Secrets of Sexual Desire from Women 15 to 97


Everyone knows desire is critical for good sex, but for women, that factor is elusive. Desire seems to come and go of its own accord; it can feel ephemeral to a woman, often difficult to conjure at the moment it’s needed — and sometimes altogether invisible.

Stereotypes would have us believe that men are always in the mood for sex, forever hoping their dates and wives will say yes. But beyond the broad generalizations, what do women themselves say about sex and desire? What role does desire play in a couple’s life and what are the factors that affect a woman’s libido throughout her lifetime?

Such questions intrigued Dr. Maureen Whelihan, a gynecologist and sex educator, and Anne Rodgers, a former newspaper reporter with a beat focused on women over the age of 45.

Whether young or old, male or female, readers will be fascinated by this book filled with secret truths from women and how they view sexual desire across the decades of their lives. 

Each reader will smile in agreement ~ or perhaps gain insight into a woman's perspective on desire.  And no matter who you are, expect your own sex life to be invigorated as a result of reading this book! 

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