Kiss and Tell

Secrets of Sexual Desire from Women 15 to 97

About Kiss and Tell

Since gynecologist and sex educator, Dr. Maureen Whelihan and writer Anne Rodgers were intrigued by women's sexual desire, together they created a six-question survey to distribute to patients in Dr. Whelihan's office. A total of 1,300 respondents weighed in, providing today’s women the long-denied platform to clarify what stimulates their desire, what they think about during sex, what they wish their partners would not do, and more.
This survey differs from those that have gone before by zeroing in on women's desire. All the how-to books in the world don’t do much good if a woman isn’t in the mood to experiment, relax, slow down and focus on her pleasure.
"Kiss and Tell" shares trends and findings that emerged from the survey, as well as unforgettable interviews with women in each decade of a woman's life, as they clarify how their desire has shifted throughout their lifetime, what has impacted their sex drive and how they perceive their overall sexuality.
Along the way, Dr. Whelihan weighs in with helpful medical background to explain certain conditions, as well as  commentary on lessons she's learned from years of candid conversations with her patients.

Some facts:

  • 1300 surveys were collected over a 15 month period
  • Participants come from Dr. Whelihan's GYN practice
  • Participants ranged in age from 15 to 97 years old
  • We sampled a wide variety of married, single, widowed, divorced and lesbian women.
  • Even women reticent to participate expressed great interest in reading the book.
  • We are accepting invitations to speak about the book and engage in conversations with our readers, as we celebrate the success of  Kiss and Tell, which debuted in February 2013. 
Kiss and Tell is available for purchase on Kobo,, and on Kindle, Nook and in selected book stores.

Look for Dr. Whelihan and Anne Rodgers to visit your community for book signings. With adequate planning, we can schedule an event in your city or favorite book store. Contact us through this site for availability or at:
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